Please NOTE: the Autism Parents Association of Trinidad & Tobago (APATT) is officially no longer an operating NGO as of 1st July, 2021. The old contact number: 489-1673 is no longer serviced and will eventually be recycled to the public. Therefore, it may be in your interest to please delete that contact number from your phone. The web and social media pages will be updated soon to CONTINUE with FREE relevant information to assist Autism Parents.

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Thursday, 30th May, 2024 - 12:27 pm

Transparency: 100% Of Your Donation Goes Directly To Autism Families

The Autism Parents Association of Trinidad & Tobago (APATT) believes that absolute public transparency with regards to all monetary donations and funding received is essential to the every day running of any group or organization in order to demonstrate trustworthiness, honor and inform Members and the general public how funds are spent in detail.

We are pleased to announce that APATT will lead by example. We are partnering with Kevin Ching, behavioral therapist, to provide free developmental therapy to individuals on the spectrum until the funds received by APATT have ceased. We will be able to accomplish this thanks to the generous donation of Martina Chow, President of the Music Therapy Association of Trinidad & Tobago who donated $2,000 to APATT. We delivered the full amount through cheque to Mr. Ching who will be the therapist providing this service to these families.

APATT does not actively seek funding but when we do receive it, every single cent goes directly to help autism families and is never lost in organizational structuring, salaries or any other expenditure for the organization.

We would like to kindly encourage every single group and organization to follow APATT's example and state publicly the amount of donations and/or funding they receive with a detailed breakdown of how it is spent.

APATT intents to continue providing our Members with a comprehensive account every single time we receive any kind of donation.

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